The story so far:

Wanda Magnatova arrived at Exhampton Academy and discovered that it wasn't like other prestigious boarding schools. Her classmates were working on beam weaponry, dimensional warps and sentient robots. One such robot, possessed by a 1500-year-old barbarian (long story), severely injured her roommate Josie, who left school. Wanda was then assigned a new roommate, Robin. Later that day, Robin was possessed by a demon. Wanda has bad luck with roommates.

This demon menaced several people, then ran off to pay homage to a robot possessed by the 1500-year-old warlock Loki (longer story). But immediately upon finding him, the demon was fried by a bolt from above, the work of a self-proclaimed angel named Alibeca Juarez. And now everyone has gathered in the Xavier Hall lounge to discuss what the hell is going on.

The cast:

Exhampton students

Wanda Magnatova was born in the Balkans but was very early on placed in the care of a strict governess in the Czech Republic. As a foreign student with a cloistered upbringing, Wanda is a bit of an outsider but has still made a number of friends at Exhampton. She was raised to be a telekinetic, but it didn't quite take: instead, she has the power to destroy small objects with a thought.
Tony Fujikawa is an engineering genius who hails from Seattle and works on advanced weaponry. He has a number of projects going, the most successful of which so far is an arm-mounted "concussive cannon" that can forcefully repel objects without destroying them. Having spent his life surrounded by people even geekier than he, Tony is under the impression that he is cool and that chicks dig him.
Natalie Rome digs Tony, who helped to save her from a Viking rampage (long story). This is a source of no small vexation to...
...Bart Clinton, captain of the Exhampton football team, an Olympic-level archer, and at one point, Natalie's boyfriend (or at least bedmate).
Jim Rose is Tony's roommate, a running back from South Carolina who is at Exhampton on an athletic scholarship. Though he and Tony would seem to have little in common, they're actually pretty good friends; as a star athlete, Jim is accustomed to people angling to become his hangers-on should he someday make the NFL, and so he finds it refreshing to be around someone who's trying to carve out his own fortune in a very different arena.
Claire Vanderline is the only child of billionaire Ted Vanderline, owner of the Vanderline chain of luxury hotels. Her friends agree that she acts much less spoiled nowadays than she did when she first arrived at Exhampton.
Jenna Walcott is Claire's roommate. She is bookish, mousy, overweight, easily scandalized, and used to being treated as if she weren't there. She is secretly amazed that someone like Claire treats her as a friend. The two of them live across the hall from Wanda.


Dave is a robot currently possessed by the warlock Loki. Having conquered a big chunk of Europe back in the Dark Ages before being sent to a hell dimension for 1500 years, he aims to repeat his success in the present.
Mr. Awky is Dave's parrot, recently acquired from an Exhampton pet shop.
Demons have been spotted both on the Exhampton campus and in the Arizona desert. They seem to be under the control of...
Pandemonio, who possesses an amulet that allows him to summon demons and to teleport. He claims to be at least 500 years old.
Alibeca Juarez has battled Pandemonio and lived to tell the tale. Claiming to be an angel, Alibeca has demonstrated the ability to fly, to produce bursts of light, and to turn demons to ash. She appears to find the use of these powers quite pleasurable, but also hard to remember.
Saint is here to stop the Vietnam War.

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