The story so far:

Wanda Magnatova arrived at Exhampton Academy and discovered that it wasn't like other prestigious boarding schools: several of her classmates were in the exclusive "Magnat Program," working on beam weaponry, sentient robots, and dimensional warps. One of these warps let in the fabled Dark Ages warlock Loki. Wanda's classmates have subsequently become markedly fewer.

The first to go was Blake Olson, the interdimensional physics student who opened the warp in the first place. He got Loki's gargantuan brother Thunar to put a beating on some football players who had bullied him, then got ambushed by other members of the team when Thunar wasn't around. Loki magically stole his quantitative reasoning abilities, and Blake had to drop out of Exhampton.
Next was Josie Blackrock, electronics expert and Wanda's first roommate, who got in the way when Thunar, in the body of a powerful robot, went on a rampage. The possessed robot broke Josie's neck and left her a quadriplegic, but with the help of a device built by Wanda's father, she was able to cobble together a primitive exoskeleton and regain movement, if not sensation. She went home to South Dakota to recuperate.
Wanda's second roommate, Robin Stanjian, lasted only a couple of hours before being possessed by a demon sent by the dark lord Pandemonio to pay fealty to Loki. Those familiar with the occult say that the possession could not have been reversed, but it's a moot point, as the body of Robin's demonic double was incinerated.
Simon Fisher showed Wanda around when she arrived at the Academy. Though not a student in the Magnat Program himself, he was very impressed by the Magnat students and attempted to hang out with them as much as he could. He also led his parents to believe that the program encompassed the entire Exhampton student body. He developed quite a crush on Wanda's third roommate, Cynthia; this backfired when he introduced her to his parents and she revealed that he wasn't in the program. His parents immediately withdrew him from Exhampton to enroll him at a less expensive school.
Jenna Walcott — bookish, mousy, overweight, and easily scandalized — was drugged and framed for marijuana possession by Cynthia for reasons that have yet to come to light. Though headmaster Gerald Ford was willing to let her off with a few hours of community service, she withdrew from Exhampton.
Claire Vanderline was Jenna's roommate. Though everyone who knew her was impressed by how much less spoiled she had become since she'd first arrived at Exhampton, her bratty behavior tended to resurface whenever she was around her father Ted Vanderline, billionaire owner of the Vanderline chain of hotels. Then one of those hotels was blown up with her parents in it. Now an orphan, Claire has left Exhampton to grieve.
Natalie Rome had enrolled at Exhampton under false pretenses: she was actually 23 years old and had been sent by her father, Secorp CEO Nathan Rome, to keep tabs on the Magnat Program and recruit its best talent for the company. Having received a better offer from one of the Magnat professors, she has been sent to Salt Lake City to embark on a new career as a spy.
Bart Clinton had been involved with Natalie for a time, but she had to dump him when it came time to recruit her target, Tony Fujikawa, for Secorp. Natalie had let it be known that she had developed feelings for Tony after he had saved her from one of Thunar's rampages; Cynthia suggested to Bart that a similar display of heroism might win Natalie back. He therefore attempted to break up a gas station robbery. It didn't go well.

So who does that even leave?

Well, there's Wanda Magnatova, a foreign student with a cloistered upbringing. She was raised to be a telekinetic, but it didn't quite take: instead, she has the power to destroy small objects with a thought. She was one of the people who formed a demon-hunting team in the wake of the initial demon attack; others included Bart, Claire, and... prodigy Tony Fujikawa, who now finds his life in disarray after not just being dumped but finding out that his first relationship had been a sham all along. How he will react remains to be seen.
Jim Rose, Tony's roommate, also participated in the first demon fight, but quickly bowed out. Consequently he has managed to avoid most of the trouble that has followed, though as a teammate of Bart's on the football and lacrosse squads, he has been affected indirectly.
Cynthia Maxon is Wanda's current roommate. As noted above, she has turned several lives upside down since arriving at Exhampton — but no one knows it, including her targets, who blame themselves for their downfalls. People tend to think of her as the good-natured new girl, to the extent that they think of her at all.
Pieter Pimm is also technically still an Exhampton student, though he is currently holed up in a secret underground laboratory working on a gigantic battle robot. He thinks it might help him win the heart of his longtime crush object, Claire. Yes, this was Cynthia's idea.

Of course, there are many more players in recent events than just Exhampton students! Some of the most notable include:

Alibeca Juarez, who claims to have been transformed into an angel after touching a Zia sun symbol she found in the sacristry of a New Mexico church. This symbol, now imprinted upon her right palm, has given her the ability to fly, to produce bursts of light, and to turn demons to ash; she was the one who incinerated the demon who possessed Robin Stanjian, and formed the demon-hunting team shortly thereafter.
Dave the Robot is better known to some as the warlock Loki; he possessed the robotic body some time back. He joined the team of demon hunters in order to get closer to Alibeca Juarez's weapon, which he calls the Sun Talisman, in hopes of poaching it for himself and using it to conquer the world.
Ben Greenberg is the last of the seven demon hunters. A chemistry professor at Exhampton, he spent weeks fending off advances from Claire, but finally gave in during a trip to New York; the fact that his resolve was weakened by a phone call from Cynthia suggests that there may be future consequences.
Pandemonio is Alibeca's arch-nemesis and, secretly, Dave's ally. He controls the hordes of demons that Alibeca's gang has been fighting.
The demons take many forms. A common type of demon looks a bit like a buzzard. Others are humanoid; one such is...
...Der Teufel, a demonic entity that, according to Wanda's father, fought on the side of the Nazis in World War II. Its current whereabouts, if it still exists, are unknown.
Wanda's father is Erich Magnat, founder of the Magnat Program, which seeks to "smash through the ceiling of human capability." His attempt to create a device that would allow him to become telekinetic was successful, at the cost of giving himself life-threatening brain tumors.
Gerald Ford is the headmaster at Exhampton Academy. He has been doubling as the administrator of the Magnat Program due to Erich Magnat's incapacity.

Surely that must be everyone? No, not quite:

Daniel Saint is a mysterious stranger who appeared in Vietnam in 2003, claiming he had arrived to stop the Vietnam War. He foiled an assassination attempt against the leader of the victorious Guinea Rios insurgency, but couldn't prevent the Vanderline hotel in that country from being blown up. The dying Ted Vanderline gave him a message to pass on to Claire...

...but at the moment we have more pressing matters: at the end of the last issue, Bart had a gun pointed at his head. Let's see what happened!

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