The story so far:

Wanda Magnatova arrived at Exhampton Academy and discovered that it wasn't like other prestigious boarding schools. Several of her classmates were in the exclusive "Magnat Program," working on science far beyond the cutting edge:

Blake Olson specialized in interdimensional warps; unfortunately, he opened one which let in a Dark Ages warlock named Loki and his gargantuan brother Thunar. Loki magically stole Blake's quantitative reasoning abilities, and Blake had to drop out of Exhampton and return to his impoverished neighborhood in Philadelphia.
Pieter Pimm specialized in robots, but his first robot was fairly primitive until Loki took over its body. Loki soon found a far superior robotic body, and has been serving as Pieter's faculty advisor for some time now. Pieter's current project is a gigantic battle robot; he hopes that achieving success might help him win the heart of his longtime crush object, Claire Vanderline.
Tony Fujikawa specialized in weapons systems, and his success did seem to win the heart of the very impressive Natalie Rome. But it turned out that she was a corporate spy, and Tony, heartbroken, has been in an alcoholic haze ever since she revealed her true identity and left.
Josie Blackrock specialized in electronics, and was Wanda's first roommate. She was left a quadriplegic when Pieter's first robot, now possessed by Thunar, went on a rampage. With the help of a device built by Wanda's father, she was able to cobble together a primitive exoskeleton and regain movement, if not sensation. She went home to South Dakota to recuperate... but now she's back, and her exoskeleton has evidently been refined many times over.

Wanda Magnatova herself had no such scientific background; she was a foreign student with a cloistered upbringing, raised to be a telekinetic. It didn't quite take: instead, she has the power to destroy small objects with a thought.
Cynthia Maxon, Wanda's current roommate, claims to specialize in psychology, but seems really to specialize in turning people's lives upside down. She put the idea of the battle robot into Pieter's head, for instance, and she also seems to have been the one who called Josie and told her that her presence was needed.
Gerald Ford is the headmaster of Exhampton Academy and has been in charge of the Magnat Program while Wanda's father, Erich Magnat, is on medical leave. He seems to have a number of secrets of his own: when a demon/zombie hybrid attacked the school, he was immune to its soul-devouring powers. He also recently claimed to have once been the 38th president of the United States.
Dave the Robot is what the warlock Loki has been calling himself while inhabiting a highly advanced robot body. While serving as Pieter's faculty advisor, he has also struck up a friendship with Wanda that seems like it might be developing into something more. She doesn't know that his primary goal is to seize a weapon called the Sun Talisman and conquer the world.
Alibeca Juarez currently possesses the Sun Talisman, having found it in the sacristry of a New Mexico church. This weapon, now imprinted upon her right palm, has given her the ability to fly, to produce bursts of light, and to turn demons to ash; she believes herself to be an angel in the charge of an archangel named Gloriel.

Daniel Saint hasn't encountered any of the above people, but he does have a message for Claire Vanderline from her father, who died in an attack on a Vanderline hotel in the country of Guinea Rios. He is on his way to Exhampton to deliver it.
Mr. Awky is Dave's parrot. He lives in the underground robotics lab where Pieter works.

Alibeca had recruited a number of Exhampton figures to assist her in her battle against demonkind, but by the time a demon/zombie hybrid called Der Teufel had finished attacking the school, the original group of demon hunters was down to three: Wanda, Dave, and Alibeca. Ford called a meeting with them and Cynthia to discuss the attack; Wanda was on her way there when Josie appeared out of the sky for the first time in months. And speaking of characters who haven't appeared in months, let's see who's on page one...

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