A History of the World in 10½ Chapters
Julian Barnes, 1989

This is a set of short stories that do not constitute a history of the world in a conventional sense but is rather one a' them postmodern thingers.

Evaluation and commentary
I read the first two chapters. The first was a parodic recounting of the story of Noah's Ark. It was passably amusing, I suppose, but the ark myth means nothing to me so I wasn't really the target audience for this. The second concerned the hijacking of a cruise ship by Muslim terrorists and the Decisive Moment faced by the slightly sleazy former TV personality who serves a a celebrity tour guide. It is well done, even if it is drawn straight from How to Write 20th-Century Decisive-Moment Short Stories Real Good by Elroy T. Funbun.

Then I didn't want to read any more, so I didn't.

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