Only Angels Have Wings
Jules Furthman and Howard Hawks, 1939

A while back Mike D'Angelo listed twelve films he would give a score of 100 out of 100, which surprised me since in the ten years I've been reading his site I've only seen him give grades in the 90s a handful of times. I decided I would watch them. This was the first film on the list, which was in chronological order. And... remember last year when I tried reading books off the syllabus for a class on the contemporary novel? and ended up bailing on them after 50 pages? Yeah, we may end up doing that again. I gave this one a little over half an hour. I didn't care enough whether the brassy dame would find out whether the crusty leading man had a heart of gold or not to spend any more time in this grayscale world of smokin', drinkin', steak-eatin', piano-playin' and artificial actin'.

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