The War Zone
Alexander Stuart and Tim Roth, 1999

Saw this a few days ago. Not much to say. It is about a teenage boy who discovers that his sister is being sodomized by their father, secretly gathers evidence (including videotaping them) — and then picks fights with the poor girl rather than going to the police. At first I was mystified that he would blame the victim and thought that maybe it was some kind of twisted jealousy, but after mulling it over I have a new hypothesis. See, when he throws away the evidence he's collected, it's hard not to be outraged — he knows that Jess is being horribly abused and he's not doing anything about it! — but maybe he's having the exact same reaction. I.e., Jess knows that Jess is being horribly abused, and she's not doing anything about it. So he's mad at Jess the enabler, not Jess the victim. They just happen to be the same person.

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