Talking Tiger, Hidden Hatbox
Hui-Ling Wang, James Schamus, Kuo Jung Tsai, Du Lu Wang, and Ang Lee, 2000
#2, 2000 Skandies

(my Chinese is pretty sketchy so I may not have translated that title perfectly)

When this came out it got all sorts of raves but I didn't want to see it due to my oft-mentioned aversion to movies about people kicking each other. As it turns out it is mostly about people running up walls. (The secret is that when you get hold of the "how to run up walls" book you have to read the words and not just look at the pictures.) Still not really my thing, and I think I liked Hero a little bit more  — though obviously I don't endorse Hero's pro-tyranny message, I found the question of whether assassinating Qin Shi Huang would have been good or bad more interesting than that of whether Tiger's sassy aristocrat should be a good ninja or a bad ninja.

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