The Big Lebowski
Ethan Coen and Joel Coen, 1998
#12, 1998 Skandies

This one'll be short. There are those who say that the best response to a creative work is not an analysis but another creative work, and I've already written my response to this movie. I imagine that most people reading this are already familiar with it, but if not, go check it out.

(Quick eval: comedy tends not to hold up to repeated viewings as well as other genres, so while I damaged several internal organs laughing at e.g. the part with the marmot the first few times I watched this, I wasn't quite so transported this time around. The Dude remains one of the all-time classic fictional characters, and Julianne Moore is quite fetching with her Brahmin accent and Molly haircut, but John Goodman's character is annoying enough to drag the film down out of pantheon range.)

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