Tuesday, After Christmas
Alexandru Baciu, Razvan Radulescu, and Radu Muntean, 2010

#11, 2011 Skandies

A college friend of mine is now a therapist.  I once heard her use the phrase "textbook affair".  In using this phrase, she meant that the specific details of such an affair (e.g., the guy's mistress was his daughter's orthodontist) were irrelevant to her, and the feelings the affair generated, as unique, specific, and urgent as they might feel to the parties involved, did not need to be related to her because they were literally right there in her textbooks.  Tuesday, After Christmas is about a textbook affair.  There is no twist that makes it any different from the hundreds of millions of other affairs that have unfolded pretty much exactly like this.  I poked around to see whether any reviews disagreed with me about this, but it turned out that my opinion was universally shared.  Some reviews did point out that the film distinguished itself by consisting of an unusually small number of shots — the camera starts rolling and just keeps going until the scene is over — but Pattern 34 says that I don't care about that, so I will stop here.

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