2012.12 minutiae

  • Elizabeth drew my attention to an online collection of bad jokes written by little kids. It reminded me of a joke I wrote when I was five:

    Q: What Did The Dollar Say To The Incredible Hulk
    A: Let's Be Friends We Are Both Green

    (Despite being a voracious reader I apparently hadn't quite grasped the rules of capitalization yet.)

  • Speaking of capitalization, there was a day that I simply could not type the word "Calendar" — it always came out as "CAlendar". This is weird because I do have more than the usual amount of practice typing a capital C followed by a lower-case a.

  • Wikipedia advises: "This article is about a condition caused by inflamed mucous membranes. For the country, see Qatar."

  • I wonder what it says about me that so many of my dreams over the past few months have taken place in vacation rentals.

  • I think this comment on lex18.com, the site for a TV station in Lexington, Kentucky, is pretty much the perfect distillation of the bottom half of the Internet:

    You voted for obama, your a idiot

  • The UC Berkeley geography department finished digitizing its map collection and so this month it held a massive map sale in McCone Hall. It was supposed to start at nine o'clock, but I got there at like 9:01 and the premium map table was already pretty picked over. I got a few nice ones in the morning — a pretty varied assortment all in all, but with more than the usual allotment of maps of mid-20th century Orange County. Then I went back at one o'clock when they switched to bulk pricing and got a big roll of 7.5-minute quadrangle maps for $2.

  • It occurred to me that "programming a VCR" is probably no longer widely understood shorthand for "grandparent-astonishing feat of technical wizardry commonly demonstrated by children." What is?

  • My life lately has been a picnic. By which I mean I have spent most of the past month plagued by ants. We have Argentine ants here in California and they are the worst — do a search on "global megacolony" if you want to see what I mean. Nothing gets rid of these fuckers. Repeatedly scrubbing my kitchen didn't work, poison baits didn't work, various sprays didn't work… the one thing that has helped, so far, has been taking a paintbrush and applying stripes of baby powder to every surface. I'm reclaiming my apartment one square foot at a time but this may yet end Downfall-style.

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