2014.06 minutiae

  • Dan Schmidt notes: "Top three Google autocompletions for 'pronunciation of': gif, quinoa, doge."

  • Daniel Strauss, talkingpointsmemo.com: "NTIS, run by the Department of Commerce, is a repository of 3 million scientific, technical, engineering, and business information."  That is many information!

  • I know this is supposed to be the heads and shoulders of two people, but I can't help but see it as the face of someone extremely dubious about joining the Helium Network.

  • When Elizabeth is drifting off to sleep she often hears audio hallucinations of a variety of different people saying odd things.  I get them too on occasion.  One night a while back I was drifting off when I heard Charles Barkley say, "What ever happened to 'winning the future'?"

  • A while back an article went around about how students who handwrite their class notes learn much better than those who type them out on laptops.  I've been auditing classes at Berkeley since 2006 and have always handwritten my notes in small spiral notebooks.  I can't really imagine taking notes on a computer.  But!  I also can't really imagine writing fiction longhand.

  • It took about thirty years, but I can finally type the phrase "Down syndrome" without automatically typing "Down's syndrome" and then deleting the apostrophe and s.

  • I went to one of the many food truck events we have around here, and decided to try the one serving pizza.  The menu was posted, in large letters, on the side of the truck:

    tomato sauce, mozzarella, basil

    tomato sauce, artisan pepperoni, mozzarella

    wild arugula, red onion, mozzarella, lemon juice, chili flake

    Special: KALE PIE
    organic kale, red onion, garlic, mozzarella, lemon zest

    As I was waiting for my order to come up, one of the customers reached the front of the line, and asked, "…Do you have mushroom?"

    "Sorry, no," said the pizza guy, pointing at the menu.

    The customer stared at the menu for a minute, while the people in line fidgeted restlessly.

    Customer: "…Do you have spinach?"

    Pizza guy: "We only have what's on the menu. We have kale."

    The customer nodded agreeably, and stared at the menu for yet another minute, the line growing longer all the while.

    Customer: "…Do you have olives?"

  • I don't think I get people who Like all their own Facebook posts and Favorite all their own tweets.  Is it basically like U.S. political ads where they have to say "I'm [the candidate in question] and I approve this message"?

  • Hmm, is it soccer season?  Let's see what's on the front page over at espn.com:

    Evidently so!

  • Apparently I'm a chauvinist when it comes to dialects: when I took this quiz and it reported back that I was a native English speaker whose dialect was American Standard, my immediate thought was, "Oh good, that means I got all the answers right."

  • Robb Sherwin tweets: "The trend of holding a button down for seven seconds instead of a power toggle switch can end any day now."  Yes!  This actually is a reason I don't use my Kindle more.  Like, I'll be waiting to be called into a doctor's office or for my food order to come up, and I'll think, hey, I could break out the Kindle for a couple of minutes, but then I realize that when my name is called, I'll have to sit there like a buffoon for seven seconds holding the stupid button down before I can respond.  I mean, yeah, I suppose I could just toss the device in my bag while it's still on, but WHAT KIND OF PERSON DOES THAT??

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