2014.11 minutiae

  • I don't own any devices that include a touchscreen, but after being asked to sign a tablet with my finger one too many times, I bought a stylus and put it in my bag.  The first time a waitress brought me a tablet instead of a receipt to sign and I pulled out my stylus, for a moment she looked horrified — like I was about to write on her tablet with a magic marker.

  • Also, when I wrote the above, I thought, "Should I use 'Sharpie' or 'magic marker'? I guess I'll use the generic term."  It was only a week later that it occurred to me that "magic marker" must have started out as a trademark also — it sounds more like a brand name than an actual descriptor.  And sure enough, it only dates back to 1953.

  • Also also, the second time I went to that restaurant, the tablet's screen had already been shattered.

  • FAQ
    Do you use sustainable palm oil?

    It would be kind of amusing if the answer were "Nope!" but they put it in the FAQ anyway just because it was in fact frequently asked.

  • While I was out shopping I saw an elderly woman up ahead of me who seemed to be talking to herself under her breath.  As I passed her I got close enough to make out the words she was muttering.  They were the lyrics to Billy Idol's "Dancing With Myself".

  • For some reason I can't determine, I was awake from November 6 at 8 a.m. until November 7 at 3:30 p.m. (31½ hours), then slept until November 8 at 7 a.m. (15½ hours).  Could this be the secret to living until 160?

  • Sleeping for twice as long as most people do did seem to be the secret to more R.E.M. sleep — I not only had several long dreams, but even remembered them upon waking up.  One thing that struck me was that one of the dreams referred back to other dreams I've had as if they were memories.  I know that one of the dreams cited was one I'd really had once, though I hadn't thought about it in ages; the others I suppose could have been invented on the spot, but it's a compelling notion to think that all of the dreams I've forgotten over the years are still stored in my brain somewhere and can be recalled to mind with the right neurological combination.

  • Olives are a lot tastier at room temperature than cold.

  • I can relate to this.

  • I was reading an article about the Pacers/Pistons fight that spilled into the stands ten years ago.  In it, Ben Wallace's brother David avers, "When you don't have time to think about something, there's not always a thought process involved."  How true that is.

  • Maybe I'm misremembering, but I seem to recall that twenty years ago it didn't take a week of sleuthing to find email addresses for people.

  • Can John Allison see the future?  Consider:

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