2016.01 minutiae

  • I'm pretty psyched about Mordawwa getting her own series next month.

  • Solange mentioned that while browsing on Netflix she found both a video that was just one hour of a crackling fireplace and a second video that was a special birchwood edition of the fireplace video.  That led me to make the mistake of going to Google Images and searching for "birchwood fireplace".  Be warned: the picture below is admittedly just a photo of a fireplace with birchwood in it, but it is also one of the most disgusting things I have seen in the past while.

  • I went to Facebook and the first post I saw said "DAVID BOWIE NO", so I went to Twitter to see whether he was dead or something, but the top result was "David Bowie spends the '80s convincing us he's just a normal guy".  Apparently Twitter's news is not always 100% up to the minute.

  • I was singing in the shower while washing my hair, and accidentally got shampoo in my mouth… and it was delicious.  Like, I was all ready to go "Agkh! Blethp!", but I guess it is not just lime-scented but lime-flavored as well.

  • Tumblr recently started adding a whole bunch of random posts to my timeline, the idea being that, hey, here's a blog you might want to follow!  These range from the mildly interesting to the thoroughly shitty, and acknowledging the possibility of the latter, Tumblr has an X to click to dismiss the post.  Except as soon as I return, the dismissed posts are back.  Whut?  If I didn't like the post five minutes ago, I'm not going to suddenly like it now.  What's especially bad is when I dismiss a post from page one and then there it is again on page two!

  • I wear my sunglasses at night
    So I can, so I can
    Look at my computer screen even though I have a migraine

  • Brain glitch:  I see that Berkeley Bowl is having a sale on beverages, so even though I usually only drink water, I get a couple: one small container of peach juice to make a smoothie with, and a bottle of Martinelli's apple soda.  A couple of days later I go to the fridge to have a beverage.  I pick up the apple soda.  But I'm looking at the juice, which has settled a bit.  And I think, "That juice needs to be shaken before I can drink it."  So I give the bottle of apple soda a good shake, pop the cap off, and am somehow taken by surprise as geysers of foam start spraying out of it.

  • I saw a business card for "mindful housesitting" offering "blessings for your pets, plants, mail" and so forth.  I couldn't help but wonder whether she does curses as well as blessings, seeing as most of the mail I get is advertising from Comcast.

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