Made Out of Babies /
Julie Christmas

From: Brooklyn, New York

Active: Made Out of Babies, 2005-2008; Julie Christmas, 2009-present

I first heard them: when Pandora fed me "Sugar" (but not too much!)

Sound: "Uh, is she going to be able to keep singing like that?" Good question, guy quoted in the press kit! Made Out of Babies were a lot more… unnerving… than what I usually listen to. The first couple of albums do contain longish stretches of undistinguished sludge, but at their best, Julie Christmas's caterwauling and the band's general sonic assault created a powerful experience that few other bands could even approach. In its last album, Made Out of Babies extended its sound into a realm of what I can only describe as a kind of postcoital (or perhaps postapocalyptic) beauty. Julie's solo work continues in this direction, occasionally turning off the rock but never the compelling desperation.

Further listening: Here are a couple of Julie's solo tracks, plus an unusual Made Out of Babies song: Julie described her performance in an interview as "a more womanly sound than my normal freakout seven-year-old crackhead impression".

"July 31st" (2010)
"Spread for Hiding" (2011)
"Death in April" (2006)