the Dollyrots

From: Sarasota, Florida

Active: 2004-present

I first heard them: on a streaming audio site called "Church of Girl Radio"

Sound: sometimes punky like punk, sometimes punky like Brewster, sometimes both

Further listening: One of the few changes since the last edition of /chart/ is that I have caught up on my Dollyrots backlog and discovered quite a few gems to sprinkle in among the songs that have featured here since the Church of Girl days:

"Feed Me, Pet Me" (2004)
"New College" (2004)
"A Little Messed Up" (2010)
"Super Mega Ultraviolet" (2012)
"Love Ya, Love Ya, Love Ya" (2012)
"Mermaid" (2017)
"Jump Start This Heart" (2017)