Duran Duran

From: Birmingham, England

Active: 1981-present

I first noticed them: when MTV started making a gigantic deal out of the premiere of the video for "The Reflex"

Sound: New Wave

Further listening: Duran Duran is my go-to example when discussing a particular phenomenon: I like a song, and it's not unrepresentative of the band's sound — their other work is quite similar and nearly as enjoyable — but I usually end up listening to the one song because, y'know, if I feel like listening to Duran Duran, why would I choose a song that's 80% as good as "Union of the Snake" when I could just listen to "Union of the Snake"? Anyway, you can listen to Duran Duran's big singles by turning on your local radio station's '80s flashback lunch, so even though I like them, instead of listing them here I'm going to post the most obscure Duran Duran song to have made it into my collection.

"The Chauffeur" (1982)