Jack Off Jill

From: Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Active: 1993-2000

I first heard them: I think they were an Amazon recommendation! Or maybe another site recommended them, and I just listened to clips on Amazon. Either way, yes, I first heard them on Amazon.

Sound: I am probably the least gothic person ever to listen to Jessicka Addams's bands this much. What can I say? For me music isn't about the subculture. I don't have to slather myself in makeup for Jessicka's music to speak to me, any more than I needed to wear flannel and stop washing my hair to relate to Kurt Cobain's. In both cases they're taking pitch-black feelings and transmuting them into beauty and joy.

Further listening: The tracks below fall into three categories. First, three songs from Clear Hearts Grey Flowers that either fell off the chart or never quite made it; next, a couple from Sexless Demons and Scars also lurking just outside the top 100; and then a My Ruin song that features Jessicka on backup vocals.

"When I Am Queen" (2000)
"Strawberry Gashes" (2000)
"Clear Hearts Grey Flowers" (2000)
"Poor Impulse Control" (1997)
"Everything's Brown" (1997)
"Miss Ann Thrope" (My Ruin, 2000)

And of course, don't forget to check out Scarling!