Letters to Cleo

From: Boston, Massachusetts

Active: 1991-1999, 2016-present

I first heard them: when "Here & Now" became a moderate hit on the modern rock stations. Though the band's next two albums were worlds better than its debut, they got virtually no airplay; it seemed like the industry was so obsessed with finding the next big thing that it ignored the fact that the last big thing, once found, doesn't just disappear like a zapped videogame monster. Feh.

Sound: super fun '90s frock rock

Further listening: Letters to Cleo is one of my very favorite bands. All of these songs deserve to be on the chart — there just wasn't enough room. I'm sorry!

"Here & Now (re-release)" (1994)
"Demon Rock" (1995)
"I Could Sleep" (1995)
"Veda Very Shining" (1997)
"I'm a Fool" (1997)