Local H

From: Zion, Illinois

Active: 1991-present

I first heard them: when "Bound for the Floor" became a moderate hit on the modern rock stations

Sound: Enough like Nirvana that one Halloween Scott Lucas put on a blond wig and did a very convincing set of Nirvana covers. The vocal texture in particular is quite similar. The songwriting has fewer dissonant-candy hooks and more straight-ahead rock riffs, but Local H does do some interesting conceptual stuff. Consider their 2002 album Here Comes the Zoo: nine excellent songs with many guest performers, and then after the tenth and final song seems to be over, at the six-minute mark, it suddenly barrels onward for several more minutes, playing the previous songs layered on top of each other to make something new. There's no way this should actually work, but somehow it does.

Further listening: Local H is another band whose "further listening" section could be arbitrarily long. Here are five songs you could slot in at #101-105 in some order and the list would look pretty accurate to me.

"Deep Cut" (1998)
"Lucky Time" (1998)
"Toxic" (2005)
"The One With 'Kid'" (2008)
"Hand to Mouth" (2008)