Die Mannequin

From: Toronto, Canada

Active: 2006-present

I first heard them: on Pandora, which kept feeding me "Fatherpunk", and bless it for doing so

Sound: Their early work is right in my wheelhouse: crunchy guitars, compelling pop hooks, superlative songwriting with amazing vocal pyrotechnics. Their first full studio album, Fino + Bleed, is my favorite record. More recently they have shifted to what bandleader Care Failure calls "evil dance metal", which is less to my taste, though the newest album still contains one song ("Outta Time", currently #13) whose release was pretty much the best thing to happen in 2014.

Further listening: Die Mannequin is my favorite band, or at least my favorite extant band, so this list could include their entire discography. Here are some songs lurking just outside my top 100 (and which are probably only outside it so that DM doesn't end up completely dominating the list):

"Guns Not Bombs" (2009)
"Candide" (2009)
"Bad Medicine" (2009)
"Orson Wells + 2012" (2011)
"Pretty Persuasion" (2014)

Further reading: A while back I put up a post about a couple of songs, including "Open Season". (Scroll down for the "Open Season" part.) I also wrote up one of their shows.