No Doubt

From: why, they're from my hometown of ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA

Active: 1992-present

I first heard of them: when my brother told me about this ska band that did free shows at Cal State Fullerton

Sound: I didn't like the ska period, but I liked the New Wave period very much. Then they got conked on the head and woke up thinking they were Luscious Jackson or someone, at which point I lost track of them (e.g., I knew Gwen had put out some solo albums, but I had no idea until just now that they had gotten back together after that).

Listening station: As you will probably guess from the lineup below, Return of Saturn is my favorite No Doubt album.

"Too Late" (2000)
"Comforting Lie" (2000)
"Artificial Sweetener" (2000)
"Tragic Kingdom" (1995)