Stone Temple Pilots

From: San Diego, California

Active: 1992-present

I first heard them: when Live 105 and MTV started playing "Plush" on repeat mode

Sound: Few '90s bands were trashed more than Stone Temple Pilots, who were dismissed as a second-rate Pearl Jam clone — which always made me scratch my head, because STP didn't sound like Pearl Jam. They sounded like Alice in Chains. In any case, while their first record did sound like a frat-friendly variety of grunge, with their second one, STP vaulted ahead of the bands they tended to be compared to, and on later albums they expanded their sound to explore a variety of rock genres.

Further listening: I'm not very familiar with their work after they broke up and got back together, but here are some highlights from their first go-round.

"Dumb Love" (2001)
"Glide" (1999)
"Vasoline" (1994)
"Plush" (1993)