Scheer / Audrey Gallagher

From: Northern Ireland

Active: Scheer, 1993-2000; Audrey Gallagher, 2007-present

I first heard of them: on Usenet

Sound: The guy on Usenet described Scheer as sounding like a little girl fronting a metal band, and that's pretty accurate. I only know one solo song of Audrey's; apparently these days she is active in a genre called "trance".

Further listening: Scheer's second (and last) album, …And Finally, is actually better than the one with "Shéa" on it. Here's a sampling:

"Deadly Serious" (2000)
"First Contact" (2000)
"6am" (2000)
"Suffocate" (2000)
"Say the Word" (2000)