From: Romford, England

Active: 2000-2002

I first heard them: when Pandora pulled up "Come Up"

Sound: Sugarcoma is the most frustrating band I've ever heard. I love the songwriting. I love Jessica Mayers's singing. The problem is that in every song she alternates that wonderfully sweet singing with horrible bellowing that one critic described as "like a 50-year-old male geezer from Romford demanding another pint". Another commentator noted that the band's songs are "not bad until she starts… whatever that is" and that "almost every track starts out compelling and becomes unlistenable to the point of being laughable". Without the bellowing, Sugarcoma would have at least five songs in my top 100; as it stands, the two that made it are the ones I was able to edit the bellowing out of.

Further listening: Here's the one other song I was able to edit, though the bellowing was a lot more extensive so it's a bit of a hatchet job.

"Windings" (2002, 2014)