the Who

From: London, England

Active: 1964-1978 with the original lineup

I first got into them: my first year of college, and listened to virtually nothing else until the summer afterward

Sound: insane drums as the lead instrument, awesome power chords as the rhythmic underpinning

Further listening: I'm going to assume that you already know their top tier of hits, but the Who is one of those bands whose "odds & sods" bin is full of gems that rank with the big singles.

"Whiskey Man" (1966)
"So Sad About Us" (1966)
"Armenia City in the Sky" (1967)
"Dogs" (1968)
"Go to the Mirror!" (1969)
"The Rock" (1973)
"Melancholia (demo)" (Pete Townshend, 1967, 1983)