There seem to be some misconceptions out there about my interactive fiction piece 9:05.  For the record: it was not written as an introduction to IF.  It was written in response to a newsgroup post by Steven Marsh in which he peremptorily declared that for an IF game to tell you who you’re playing is automatically bad writing.  In a well‑written game, he contended, you must discover who you’re playing by gathering hints about the player character’s identity.  I thought this broadside against straightforward writing was wrong‑headed, and I wrote 9:05 to illustrate one reason why.  The fact that a lot of people later used it as an introduction to IF is pretty nifty, but is certainly not what I intended; I was just participating in an obscure doctrinal dispute.

Also, I never said that 9:05 was intended “to serve as a preview of what interactive fiction looks like”—​I said that about the buggy Java interpreter that was the only option for online play at the time.  It would only let you play a few moves, but at least you would know what IF was like before it crashed.  I had the same note on my old Photopia and Varicella pages.

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